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what about AR-RAHMAN Academy?

AR-RAHMAN Academy is an educational institution specialized in teaching the Arabic language, memorization of the Holy Quran and the Prophet's biography. Its goal is to provide students with the necessary linguistic skills to accurately determine the meanings of Arabic texts, correctly memorize the Holy Quran and the Prophet's biography. Students who study in this academy are often considered to be young people who are known for their mastery of the Arabic language and proficiency in correctly memorizing the Holy Quran and the Prophet's biography.

Brilliant Students

hamza Elmahdy

Popular Courses

تلاوة القرآن

Recitation of the Quran

The Tajweed curriculum is based on an interactive approach; where we start by mentioning the phonetic rule for the letter or the pronunciation rule, then we follow it with spoken....

حفظ القرآن

Memorization of the Quran

The curricula for memorizing the Quran are not limited to mere memorization and recitation; rather, students learn the meanings of vocabulary and the lessons derived from the surah, along with....

 منهج اللغة العربية

Arabic Language

The AR-Rahman Academy has launched an Arabic language curriculum designed for non-Arabic speakers. Through this curriculum, learners progress from the basics of reading, acquire linguistic proficiency, and grasp grammatical rules....

 منهج الحديث

Hadith Curriculum

The Noble Hadith is the second source of Islamic legislation, and we study this methodology through three stages. The first stage begins with instilling the meanings of the Hadith in....

مناهج التاريخ

History Curriculum

History encompasses individuals, places, and events. In this curriculum, we begin with children by narrating the stories of the prophets, followed by the stories of the companions and the successors....

مناهج السيرة

Seerah Curriculum

The Prophetic Biography (Sira) is the life story of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which serves as the ideal model for the life of a Muslim. From its....



(Qaaida) is an instructional guide for learning to read the Quran from the beginning. It serves as a foundational tool for beginners, providing essential rules and principles of Quranic recitation.....

فقه حنفي

Hanafi Fiqh

Hanafi Fiqh is one of the major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, or Fiqh, named after its founder, Imam Abu Hanifa. It is known for its systematic and rational approach to....

The most common questions

The curriculum offered is varied and suitable for all ages.
Professional teachers, licensed teachers, and experts in teaching the Holy Qur’an, the Arabic language, and Islamic sciences
Days and hours that suit the student
Yes, of course, the first trial session is free
The cost varies according to the number of credit hours during the week
By conducting semi-monthly and monthly exams and continuing to review and informing the family of the student's level
Yes, we have a supervising staff who follow the lectures until the end of the lecture over the course of 24 hours